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If you do not currently Pay As You Go, no problem – we will replace your current meters with our smart meters and if you want to change your mode of payment in the future, you can.

The main benefits of our smart Pay As You Go meters:
  • Easy, flexible and remote ways to pay – at home or on the go
  • Paying for your energy in advance means you're in control of your spend and avoids debt building up
  • The In-Home Display shows you exactly what your current credit balance is and how many days it will last
  • £15 Emergency Credit gives you a little extra time to top-up if you need it
  • Friendly Credit hours mean you won't lose supply during evenings, weekends and bank holidays
  • No more unexpected bills
The main things to bear in mind:
  • Ensure your meter is kept topped-up with enough credit to keep you on supply
  • If you use all of your credit outside of Friendly Credit hours, and your Emergency Credit has been used or has not been activated, your supply will go off
  • To restore supply, you'll need to top-up enough to cover any Emergency and Friendly Credit used, ensuring you are in positive credit by at least £1

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